Windows VPS: Set Up IP Proxy Virtual Server On it


The piece of writing discusses how to install an IP Proxy virtual server on your Windows VPS.

Just to explain on a Windows virtual dedicated server web hosting solution, a Windows VPS is a virtual private server based on windows.

Windows VPS is GUI based instead of text based and hence users find a Windows VPS Hosting product very comfortable to work on.

Windows VPS and Linux VPS both execute equally well but in this report we will explain how to install an IP Proxy virtual server on a Windows VPS only.

Now a proxy virtual server gives you a entry to all network operators so that they can use the internet.

Now consumers opt for a Windows VPS or a Windows Server in order to set up a proxy IP server as it comes with an app that is an interior application that helps you to employ your desktop or laptop as an IP proxy hosting server.

The Windows proxy server will help you set up IP addresses and then each and every laptop or computer will be connected to web connection of the proxy server to gain on-line access.

It gets very quick for end users to install IP addresses on the proxy server in your home or your office.

The difficulty level of setting up IP proxy web server is moderate.

It is not that challenging to do so and any individual can do it adhering to the steps outlined below.

1. First Hit on the “Start” key on your windows and then hit on “Control Panel”. An Explorer window will open.

Then Hit on “Network and Internet” followed by “Network and Sharing Center”. Now here you will see “Manage network connections”. Simply click on it.

2. Now right click on Internet connection you wish to choose for sharing or local area connection network card.

It is explained as follows, suppose you have a wireless internet connection then you should right click on wireless connection and then choose “Properties” from the menu.

3. Then choose the “Sharing” tab by clicking on it.

Then further click on “Allow other network users to this connection” and after that click on “OK”. Then choose “Yes” in the dialog box (warning) that comes.

4. Now reboot your desktop server followed by each operator on your computer.

Your proxy web server will now host IP address configuration.

So now your client machines will not connect till you reboot all of them.

Now your IP proxy web server is installed. See more articles @ best web hosting sites homepage.

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