Windows VPS or Linux VPS: Which is Better?


VPS Hosting is gaining popularity day by day among people all over the world.

People want the best web hosting solution that is cheap, affordable, and flexible and that can be customized as per their needs.

Hence VPS hosting is the answer to all their needs.

VPS Hosting is of two types – Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting.

Windows VPS Hosting is usually considered better when compared to Linux VPS Hosting as it is based on GUI (Graphical User Interface) and is not based on text. Windows VPS is also known as a Windows Virtual Server as it is a Windows based Virtual Server.

Choosing Your Virtual Server

Either you choose Windows VPS or a Linux VPS, it all depends on your business and your requirements.

Your hosting solution which you have signed up for should be able to handle traffic on your website.

Linux VPS will be a better option for people who have lesser requirements regarding their website and have a low budget.

On the other hand Windows VPS is used by people who want a more GUI based Virtual Server and who install applications that are compatible only with a GUI based interface.

However a Linux VPS will be more cost effective as compared to a Windows VPS but they both have similar performance levels.


In case of a Windows VPS the remote desktop access is easy. So if you are not very much experiences in administration of your VPS then a Windows Virtual Server is for you.

With Linux VPS you have to be very much familiar with the text commands.

So if you do not know the text commands then you must choose a Windows Virtual Server.

Windows Virtual Server comes with a license fee while on the other hand a Linux Virtual Server is free.

Choose what suits you

Whether you opt for a Windows VPS or a Linux VPS it would all depend on you as well as your comfort level.

The only drawback a Windows VPS has is its licensing cost but otherwise it is very much user friendly and flexible for all.

Even a beginner can start his managed hosting with a Windows VPS as you are not required to know the text commands to manage it.

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