Why VPS Hosting is the Best Choice for a Small Business


In the Internet age, trade and commerce have become boundless. Physical and time boundaries have become irrelevant.

Business deals are transacted and closed half-way around the globe by persons who have never met and both may be situated in different time zones.

The Internet has become a powerful promotional tool for any type of businesses, exploring and utilizing its full potential can benefit small and large businesses.

The most popular strategy to increase any business is to create a website for the business to promote its goods and services.

As more Internet users visit the site, the probability of sales is increases.

What could be better?

Since any new business will need a server in order to connect to the Internet and reach potential clients, it should now have to invest a large amount of money to run a website.

As most small businesses could not possibly afford to purchase its own hosting server and have little money to keep it running, there’s the likelihood that the business will miss the opportunity to generate more sales via Internet or online promotion and marketing.

So with this in mind, how could a small business possibly utilize the power of the Internet without buying expensive equipment?

A businesswoman or businessman has the option to rent or buy a space in a web hosting company, either on a shared hosting or virtual private server platform.

A server is a computer based machine that contains a program that specifically is designed to store and display information on a website and request information for the user.

The requesting program is often called a “client”. Putting it into another language, the server performs some functions on behalf of the client.

The servers in order to do the tasks requested by the client should be connected to one another through a network.

As there are two options available, choosing the best one is most logical and most cost beneficial.

However, which one is the best will be the big question. Here are some points of comparison.

A Virtual Private Server has an advantage over a Shared Web Hosting on the usage of resources such as hard disk space, bandwidth or speed, CPU, RAM, Internet IP Address and so forth.

All these resources are exclusively made available for a specific website.

On the other hand, in shared hosting, several websites operate separately on its own operating system and its own application, but are sharing the same resources on the single machine.

With a VPS, the website owner is guaranteed to have full control of all resources allocated to him.

He then can have the freedom to choose his own operating system, install control panel options that are most convenient to him and other useful applications without any other restrictions.

This isn’t available on a shared web hosting platform. A VPS performs better than shared hosting since it has its own independent resources.

When it comes to the security aspect, a Virtual Private Server is more secure.

The site firewall and antivirus software can be customized for maximum security. A security breach in another site within the machine will not affect other sites within the server.

Hacker attacks have become more frequent and the possibility of being hacked is a big concern to all website owners.

Data that could be lost due to malicious hacking may no longer be able to be retrieved.

While the cost of a VPS is more expensive than that of shared hosting, the benefits derived could offset incremental site security and usage.

A larger guaranteed disk space would mean more data to store while higher bandwidth and speed means faster data transfers for downloading and uploading.

It is more economical for small business to opt for a VPS rather than to put up money for its own physical equipment or a dedicated server.

The full potential of a dedicated server is also available for small businesses in a virtual private server, minus the computing hardware, without maintenance cost and the need to hire a professional to run the whole system.

Most VPS hosting providers or companies hire their own technical support team to operate and run the system 24 hours a day. In the case that a problem may arise from any of the clients’ site, these technical professionals are ready to assist and troubleshoot immediately.

Small business can benefit from a Virtual Private Server to increase their sales of goods all over the word through uninterrupted internet connectivity.

Online promotion and marketing is the cheapest available way for a small businessman to create demand.

The need to go to a brick and mortar store is irrelevant since through the internet, a businessperson can make contact through internet email services as well as video call services.

Receiving payments from the customer will not take too much time as there are available payment and remittance services available online.

An electronic online banking service from any major bank is also available and secure.

The transportation of goods halfway around the globe can now be done with ease and secured through most any door to door delivery service.

The Internet had made it possible to do businesses worldwide at any time of the day or night and through a VPS, a small business could utilize its full potential.

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