Is HostGator A Good Choice Of Host For WordPress?


HostGator is frequently recommended for web hosting and as it provides Linux based shared hosting, so you would anticipate that HostGator would be ideal if you want to create a WordPress powered site.

In fact it is wrong to assume that any Linux hosting is ideal for supporting WordPress however, in this case it is correct to say that WordPress and HostGator go well together.

A great many webmasters do in fact use HostGator to power WordPress sites/blogs which are setup both for personal and business purposes.

If you have looked at free hosting services (and some paid services) you are unlikely to have seen any support for installing WordPress.

If you have to install WordPress manually, then set-up a database, you will need to know what you are doing as help will most likely be limited to email.

On the other hand HostGator are well known for their good customer support but this should not be needed to install WordPress.

They provide a One Click install process which is simple, quick and doesn’t require any technical expertise.

To create a WordPress site on HostGator you proceed as follows

Choose your domain name – at present I usually suggest that you find and register you name via a third party service such as or because HostGator’s service is a bit limited.

However they may introduce a full domain registration service in the near future.

Sign-Up with Hostgator – Go to, enter your domain name and select your package.

You can decide to pay monthly, in which case you can get the first month for $0.01, or you can pay for up to 3 years and get a 25% discount (see HostGator Coupons).

Note that as with all hosts the discount applies to the initial invoice only, renewals will be charged at the full rate.

There is no contract so you can cancel at any time and get an appropriate refund.

DNS configuration – Once you have signed up you will receive an email containing key information that you require.

This will include your Nameserver addresses.

These need to be entered on your domain registrar’s website. It can take a few hours for this change to be circulated around the web so you will not be able to login to your site by its domain name immediately.

Go to HostGator’s cPanel (instructions in the email) – Find the “Software/Services” section and open QuickInstall.

In the left hand column you will see “WordPress” in the Blog Software section.

Clicking this will bring up the WordPress menu in the main column, click “Continue”.

Select the domain for installation from the drop down list and complete the simple form.

All the information can be changed later within WordPress so don’t worry too much about it.

One thing I would suggest though is that you don’t set the Administrator User Name to “Admin”. Many installs default to this with the result that it is much more secure to use anything else.

You now click “Install Now” and everything is done for you.

Your login information will be displayed and will also be sent to the email address you entered.

Log into WordPress – you can now start to configure your site by choosing a theme and layout, installing plugins and posting your content.

In fact it really could not be easier to get a WordPress site up and running using HostGator.

The video below shows QuickInstall in action.

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