How To Install Apache Server


How To Install Apache Server – Apache web server is needed to be established by the tech architects for many purposes.

Apache hosting server is used when you aim to set up a web server for creation and screening needs.

It functions as a platform on which web sites can be made and analyzed before they can be moved on a live virtual server and made live on the internet.

On your Apache Server you can also share your files, which you wish to share on your web locally.

Apache web server will also help you to do experiments with your websites, software and programs and take the experience of live web server environment.

This aids you to fix the flaws and bugs that may happen while the website will put on the net. You get lots of functions with your Apache web server established for your demands along with a actual environment.

All you need to do is to set up it via a wizard.

Apache can be used on linux hosting server or a Linux VPS and Windows VPS both.

Windows VPS and Linux VPS are both similarly efficient but lots of applications that run on a Linux VPS do not run on a Windows VPS.

Windows VPS is GUI based while Linux VPS is text commands based.

It will fully depend on you whether you wish to make use of Linux VPS or Windows VPS along with the specifications of app to be used on your VPS Hosting web server as it will decide if you should go in for Linux VPS or Windows VPS.

Important things to perform for setting up your Apache Server

• Firstly you will require an Apache software.

• Then you should download the newest version of the Apache from its web site.

Or else you can look for a free software on the internet that supports full Apache web server along with different other tools.

• Now set up the application.

If you are setting it on a Windows VPS or Windows web server then all you have to do is just double-click on the downloadable .exe file.

But if you are setting up Apache on Linux web server or a Linux VPS then launch the command by entering the below stated command

Sudo gedit/etc/apache2/httpd.conf

• Next, click on “I Agree” on the agreement of the license and then simply click on “Next”.

• Now go for the directory in which you wish to establish the Apache.

The “Browse” button will Permit you to choose your desired destination folder on which you wish to put your Apache web server documents that will be required to operate the internet server.

• Select the factors that you wish to set up on your Apache server.

Now before you simply click on the “Next” symbol make sure that “Apache HTTP Server”, “MySQL Database” and “PHP Hypertext Preprocessor” have been ticked. After this click on on “Next”

• Now you have to mention the internet server name and your administrator’s email id. The server name will come as “localhost” and your admin’s email id by default.

• Then you have to configure the “MySQL”. For this key in the root password that will permit you to access your database and the leave the settings that are there by default.

• Now click on the “Install” button to start the installation procedure.

• Next click on “Finish” and then you can operate your Apache instantly. Or you can uncheck the “Start Apache” icon and “Start MySQL” in case you do not wish to run it now.

• Now verify the installation that you have just done. For this open the browser (any, firefox, internet explorer etc) and then key in the below mentioned command on the address bar:


• Hit the “enter” key. If the installation has been done properly then a page will show showing the configuration options.

And this will come with a message that will state that your installation has been a success.

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