Developer Server VPS Based On Java: From Apache To Tomcat


Linux VPS is the best solution available on the internet for development environments.

Users of Linux VPS can make the best use of the resources that are available without affecting the servers they are running locally.

On the other hand Windows Servers or Windows VPS are gaining popularity day by day.

Linux VPS is usually more popular than a Windows VPS as Linux VPS is open source and is free.

Users of Linux VPS get lots of free and open source options to choose from for their development. In these free and open source server applications you can take the advantage of support you will get from their community and can also modify them.

But you have to share these modifications that you have made with the community.

The most popular two development platforms that are available on a Linux VPS are Apache and Tomcat.

Linux VPS based on them can also be called as Apache VPS and Tomcat VPS.

Both Tomcat VPS and Apache VPS provide tool for Java development and a good testing environment.

About Tomcat and Apache

Apache is a software that was founded in 1999 that focuses on developing free and open source applications that are used with Linux based operating system.

Lots of projects have been created by the community that range from Apache HTTP Server to Gump and Hivemind.

Lots of Java projects have also been created that include Jakarta, which is a Java application based on server side, Haddop, which is a framework of Java software, and lastly Tomcat, that is used a web container for JSP and Web servlets.

Apache Tomcat is also known as Jakarta Tomcat or Tomcat. Apache Tomcat is a servlet container that has the ability to work like a Java applet on a server instead like a browser.

Apache Tomcat VPS uses Java Server Pages (JSP) and Java Servlet which is from Oracle Corporation.

It provides a web server environment that is based on Java and is “pure”. This allows Java codes to run very efficiently.

The latest version is 7.0.21. Lots of web developers support Tomcat.

Tomcat constantly keeps updating itself to meet varied needs of the developers and its users. Lots of big companies such as Walmart use Tomcat as their Java Platform.

Java is a proven tool for web development. Tomcat Linux environment can further be used to develop effective, new and innovative ways in order to use free and open source tools.

Tomcat works well on a server than a browser and is specifically designed to work so.

Therefore, you get two choices to choose from for your development purposes i.e. either install it on a local server of yours or host it on a VPS or a virtual server.

Dedicated server can also be a good option as the best web hosting but it is always expensive.

Since you also do testing of various applications you develop which can slow down your network while testing, hence putting a server on your internal network would not be advisable as it will slow it down or might slow it down. Hence hosting it on a server would be a great idea.

What is Tomcat Java VPS for?

A Tomcat Java VPS gives you a great and a clean environment to run Apache and Tomcat.

A Java VPS also gives you an added capability to test your Java applications without affecting your local server. Also while testing is the server crashes you can quickly reboot the server and get it up and running.

Its crashing will also not affect your other servers or any local system. Your developers will also be able to access this testing server from anywhere if it is hosted with a hosting company.

This speeds your overall development and helps you to quickly adopt and develop applications in a Java environment which is dedicated.

In a Tomcat Java VPS or a Tomcat Java Server you get the most powerful tool for your Java applications development.

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